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Join Me & Share Your Wisdom

With the reboot of Ellie Conversations in April 2020, viewers will have the benefit of interacting with her guests and weigh in on topics of urgency through a unique tool that is integrated into the Ellie Conversations platform. 

I hope you will join me in my virtual studio. As a technology founder, my professional production team will take care of all the logistics and technical elements to ensure that you look and sound your best and we can communicate with our audience effectively. 

If this sounds of interest to you, let's take the first step in the process: My associate Matt will set up a 30 minute zoom call.


This will allow us to get to know each other and most importantly, identify what you would most like to reveal to our audience of aspiring business leaders and their teams.


Based on this, I will craft a conversation outline (i.e. not an interview!)  that will reflect your personality, your essential learnings, perspective, and expertise.  I


n addition to our sophisticated digital distribution model, we will provide you with the final video content for you to repurpose as you see fit. 

I look forward to getting this conversation started so that we can share our wisdom in these challenging times.

Let us know how to get in touch.
What Time Works For You?
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