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Actually, This is the New Norm | Lorna Davis

While many of us are focused on the present, the most savvy business leaders are already preparing for the ‘new norm’...

...Easier said than done.

That is why I am honoured that TED Talk Presenter and influential business leader, Lorna Davis joined me in conversation to share her proven formula that champions collaborative leadership as the key to turning a crisis into opportunity.

When I first saw Lorna’s TED Talk, I was blown away by her definition of "radical interdependence" and why this is crucial to initiate lasting change for companies, employees and their customers. Her perspective is refreshing and so timely.

After watching this conversation you'll walk away with the following:

Collaborative Leadership: how to empower your team and why it’s essential for the new ‘norm’ moving forward

Interdependence as an Asset: the essential tool to leverage partnership and growth in times of crisis

Survive & Thrive: how to optimize your business success in 2020 and beyond

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