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International Talent Hacker is Ready to Talk | Steve Cadigan

Let's Talk Talent “Worst moments in business?” Over 85% of my studio guests reply: “Having to let a team member go.”

...and in our current world state, this is an all too frequent and painful reality for many of us. But what if we could see the comings and goings of our team members differently? What if our future success depends on a reset of how we see our working selves?

Well, if you ask international ‘talent hacker’ Steve Cadigan, he’d probably say: “For many companies and careerists alike, future success will depend on a total reset on: 'high turnover', 'accelerated onboarding', 'team splitting', 'fast tracking'. And that’s just for starters.”

Sounds a bit crazy? Not once you hear how this international speaker has combined his hands-on experience with tier one companies (Square, Airbnb, Salesforce, Cisco, Twitter, OpenTable, Andreessen-Horowitz) together with his latest research to provide a success roadmap for individuals, teams and organizations of the future.

Things you'll walk away with from this conversation:

The Future of Work: A sneak preview of Steve Cadigan’s new book and a lay of the land for both careerists and their bosses.

The Economics of Fast Turnover & Turnaround: An understanding of why you need to move away from ‘employee retention’ and embrace speed, agility and team culture at a distance.

The Lifecycle of the Employer/Employee Relationship: A reset on the concept of ‘positive employee engagement’.

Talent Overhaul: A recognition of the key factors required to optimize the ‘future of work’ for all stakeholders.

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